The hidden cost savings of cloud communications


There’s no doubt that there has been a growing interest in cloud communications over recent years. The services have expanded and the capabilities and capacity greatly improved with better technology. The cloud is now seen as a cost effective and efficient way for businesses of all sizes to get the flexible communications network that works for them.

While the cheaper cost is undoubtedly one main attraction, particularly for new and upcoming businesses, there are also some exciting other ways that switching to the cloud will save your company both time and money.

Better productivity

The more integrated and flexible your communications are, the better your employees will be able to perform. You can, for instance, provide online training and cheat sheets on screen for help centre staff to deliver better solutions for customers. You could record calls to ensure quality delivery and improve education in the workplace. You can make sure calls are routed to the right person who can help with a certain query quicker. And you can create a network that isn’t restricted by geography because your employees are able operate from any location in the world.

An integrated system that works for business

Integration is the order of the day. We all want systems and software that work with everything else. In the old days, your telephone system was largely isolated, inflexible and limited. Today, cloud based communications operate with a range of other software options. If you run a CRM, for example, you can link to it automatically so that updates from calls and contacts are made immediately available.

This means that operatives can cut down on the waste of repeating questions or processes that have already been asked or used. Your customer also won’t get too hung up because they are being asked for the same details or explanations each time they call up.

Scaling when you need it

It’s difficult to find a traditional phone system that can be scaled up at the click of a button. You must plan well ahead and get the lines in if you are looking to take on extra business. For many businesses, this is a costly and time-consuming process and largely unresponsive.

The benefit of cloud communication is that you can scale up when you want and scale back when you need to. For example, if you run a retail business that requires more staff during seasonal times such as Christmas, you can easily expand your operators without getting in the expensive hardware to cater for it. If you are bringing a new product onto the market and want to increase coverage for a few months, you can do so easily and then cut back when you have reached your objective.

Saving office space

Cloud communications are greatly reducing the costs of setting up a business and running it effectively. Many businesses now employ people who operate remotely from home, for instance. That reduces outlay, particularly in renting or buying office space to accommodate workers. You can track employees’ availability using a range of available software and reroute calls to them as and when you need to.

There’s no doubt that moving to cloud communications can save your business money in many ways. The flexible nature of cloud infrastructure means you can plan growth better, deal with changes more efficiently and tailor communications to your exact needs while also enjoying lower costs and less planning issues.

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