How your business can benefit from cloud communications


Over the last few years, we’ve become used to cloud based services. Businesses are already opting for products such as Office 365 or Dropbox to handle online and collaborative working for their employees. It’s estimated that nearly 90% of UK companies now access some form of cloud hosted technology like this.

Many are now turning to cloud communications as well, moving away from physical phone systems for their offices. There are plenty of reasons why this is proving popular, not least the potential for lower costs and greatly increased efficiency. Here are 6 of the top reasons why your business should be thinking about moving its comms to the cloud:

1. Lower costs for cloud communications

You don’t need to put a huge budget aside and invest in substantial amounts of hardware and there are plenty of savings associated with switching to the cloud which can further reduce costs. Businesses can enter into pay as you go contracts which are designed to change as they thrive and grow. There’s also a greater level of reliability that out performs old style PBX systems.

2. It’s no longer physical

You don’t even need to have a telephone plugged into a socket any more, although many businesses will opt for a combination of handsets and softphones. Cloud telecommunications operate via Wi-Fi and 4G provision which creates a virtual and highly flexible platform that can work on the move for all your employers. It also means your telephone system is not limited by the number of sockets you can plug into and the cost of having them installed.

3. Setting up is simple

In the past, if you wanted a complex telecommunications system you had to plan and work on delivering the right infrastructure. With the cloud, you can run a whole host of different services including text, telephony and video conferencing all in one package without having to deal with physical issues such as phone lines or who’s going to install it

4. Unifying your network

If your business runs different offices or outlets across the UK or even around the world, you can create a uniform network that makes communication much easier. You could have a single port of call for your customers and employees, whoever they need to talk to, wherever they are in the world.

5. Bespoke scaling

One issue many businesses have faced in the past is the cost and complexity of scaling up when they begin to grow. Because the infrastructure is virtual, there is no restriction on the services you can introduce. That means you can add lines and locations whenever you want or take them away when needed.

6. Promoting flexibility

Cloud telecommunications is transforming how we work. You can now employ remote workers who are able to access your systems – all they need to do is download an app to their phone or pc or log onto a desktop. This allows your business to work with greater agility and gives you the option to consider working processes and strategies that in the past would have been inaccessible or too costly.

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