Why choose cloud-based telecoms?

Cloud telephony

The Cloud is now one of the most mainstream network servers that businesses use today so it’s not a surprise that more and more businesses are moving away from the legacy communication platforms. A cloud-based telecommunications system is extremely simple to use and has tonnes of amazing features that could benefit your business from video conferencing to disaster recovery.

Using the Cloud to host your telecoms could be a key solution for driving your business and accelerating your business transformation. Customer interactions can be done more efficiently on the cloud server, which means a rise in the customer satisfaction score! Being able to talk to your customers more and giving them better customer service is always going to be a bonus for your business. If you choose, you or your staff could work from the office or from home.  The Cloud allows businesses to provide the tools, apps, software and documents from anywhere you want.

Saving money is always a great benefit in any sized business and by switching to the Cloud for your telecoms, you could reduce the capital expenditures for all of your telephone devices. Even your electricity bill will get reduced, which is always good for the environment and also gives you more efficient power use. One of the biggest money saving factors in-house relates to staff as good IT workers are expensive – so not having to hire additional people to manage your in-house telecoms equipment is going to save you lots of money.

Cloud based telecoms are also the best option for disaster recovery. Imagine if one day you came into the office and it had been flooded with 6 inches of water – this is where a cloud based telecoms system comes in to save the day. Cloud-based systems have backup and restore functionality that holds all your electronic records in a secure server. Even in larger scale disasters such as a tornado you would still be able to make calls and video chats. We do this by installing SIP communications software on all your devices so that staff can operate from anywhere in case of an emergency. This gives you the power to make calls, send instant messages, create and join video conferences and even have access to your voice mail – whatever happens.

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