Should you allow BYOD in your office?

office laptop 2What is BYOD?

BYOD means ‘Bring your own device’ into an office or workplace. This means your staff can work on their own devices but still access all the company’s applications and company information. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using BYOD in your office.

BYOD benefits

  1. BYOD results in massive savings on hardware costs as workers will bring their own devices rather than the Company having to purchase them.
  2. If an employee can’t come into the office for some reason they can even work from home – as they will have all the information at home to carry on working.
  3. Workers will feel more comfortable using their own devices.
  4. The spec of device will probably be better than if you provided them, increasing work productivity and morale.

BYOD issues

  1. Probably the biggest disadvantage of using BYOD is that your security and your data could be at risk. Most people won’t install decent advanced security on their PCs and it could cost a lot of money trying to put in place software on each person’s device.
  2. Making sure all the Company’s applications run with each employee’s devices (i.e. all applications must be compatible) can cost lots of money.  Anyone using alternative computer products such as Mac may not be able to use some of the Company’s software and files which may only work with Windows devices.
  3. There isn’t really any way to monitor what your employees are doing or how your company’s information is being used. If someone loses their device in a public area and it has sensitive documents on, you don’t know who could access those files. It is a lot riskier then providing a device that has to be kept in the office.
  4. Employees may not want to bring their personal device to use for work or may not even have one. Does this mean they have to go out and buy a new one just for their job? What happens if the employee’s device gets lost or damaged during work time?
  5. Any policies made (such as what websites may be viewed during work time or what happens if a device gets lost or damaged) will have to be agreed by both you and your employees.

Summary: BYOD Benefits

  • Saves money on hardware
  • Employees feel more comfortable
  • Employees can work from home
  • More advanced devices

Summary: BYOD Issues

  • Security is more at risk
  • Compatibility problems
  • Can’t monitor your employees
  • Pressure on employees
  • Policies must be agreed on between everyone

Avaya solutions

Avaya offers specific solutions to support the Bring Your Own Device movement. Speak to us about how Avaya solutions can allow your employees to connect to your network and use their own devices  with voice, video, instant messaging and collaboration capabilities, whilst keeping your network secure. Call us on 01623 687750 or email