Can business mobiles really drive growth?

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There’s no doubt that the smartphone has been a game changer. It’s not only revolutionised how we communicate with friends and families, it’s provided each of us without our own portable office while at work.

The device itself is largely irrelevant – the rapid growth of all that supporting tech, however, along with greater connectivity, has enabled us to work faster, more collaboratively and more efficiently than ever before. We look at how business mobile is driving growth in today’s fast-paced business environment:

Scalability whilst on the move

Just a few decades ago, if you wanted to start a business you’d need a decent amount of capital, somewhere to work from and an investment in infrastructure. With mobile and the cloud-based services now available, businesses can get going using very little capital investment. It’s easier to grow because of the scaleability built into many of these online service, everything from VoIP telephone systems to payments tools like PayPal and Apple.

Better communication

The big hurdle that mobile has pushed us over and sent many businesses into the stratosphere in recent times is better communication. There are plenty of different services nowadays such as Slack and even the traditional Skype which allow employees to stay connected all the time and while on the move. It’s given businesses the opportunity to diversify their work force, change the way they look at static offices in the modern world and find new and exciting solutions to collaborating and engaging including document sharing, video conferencing and project planning.

Working flexibility

Being mobile has allowed employees to work anywhere they like, when they like. For many businesses, this provide access to a flexible workforce that can respond better to today’s challenges, in particular when it comes to leveraging specialist talent on a demand basis. A study in 2016 by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that a mobile first strategy led to an increase in loyalty, creativity and productivity among staff compared to those companies that didn’t adopt mobile technology.

Mobile is time saving

The development of cloud solutions, where an employee can log into a particular service such as Google Drive or Office 365 and begin working together with other stakeholders, share information and best practice and stay in touch wherever they are in the world, certainly means we’re able to work more productively across the board.

With apps and other platforms, paperwork has been cut down and processes significantly streamlined. Automation in some cases means that customers and employees can complete tasks in next to no time compared with just ten years ago. Invoices can be sent digitally almost immediately, expenses monitored and reviewed in real time, VAT returns processed while travelling home on the train.

Customer engagement

One of the exceptional ways that mobile has benefited business is when reaching out and engaging with customers. There’s direct messaging where you can send texts and notifications to remind your customers of upcoming promotions or important dates. There is social media which allows you to add value to your customer service provision as well as develop brand ambassadors and followers. New gadgets such as VR headsets have the potential to provide a more immersive experience for your promotion activity and AR can bring that value added extra boost to the weekly supermarket shop. Even the simple smartphone camera can be used as a marketing device to post all sorts of visual content and live stream video right into your customer’s home.

The truth is that mobile is now indispensable for driving business growth. Without it you wouldn’t have access to immediate data, wouldn’t have the flexibility to compete in today’s competitive market place and you wouldn’t even have the chance to start and grow a business in the first place.

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