BT announces the date they will switch off the ISDN network

SIP Trunks replace ISDN

Gavin Patterson CEO of BT has announced a date for the complete migration of ISDN services to the IP Network, the end of 2025.

What this means

No need to worry, this gives BT at least 10 years to migrate their network. You may however want to start considering what this means for your business in the future and if it is worth migrating to SIP sooner rather than later to make use of its many advantages.


– Move offices and keep the same geographic number without being charged to forward calls.

– Flexible business continuity with instant divert and browser based controls

– Reduce costs, the line rental of SIP trunks is far lower than ISDN2e and UK local and national calls are free

– Rationalise multisite businesses: SIP allows any call to be routed to any destination regardless of location. It allows you to run a multisite business from one telephone system.

SIP is now a tried and tested technology but is still reliant on a suitable broadband connection to run its services.

At NT we always make sure the connectivity you have in place or the connectivity we quote will be robust enough to carry your voice traffic.

Find out what your options are

Eventually every business will need to migrate from ISDN to SIP trunks. At NT was have helped many existing and new customers make the transition from ISDN to SIP trunks, contact us now to find out more about SIP and what options you have moving forward.


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