Are you thinking of moving ? Take a look at our checklist !

Before going deeper…Office Move


Why are there office moves?

The most common reason why an office move happens is to expand the business or settle into larger premises. This allows the company to benefit from a “new start”, lifting the staff’s spirits and optimising the motivation, creativity, ideas and opportunities of the company.

Precautions concerning your business technology equipment transportation

During an office move, make sure that your company’s business technology equipment transportation is safe, it must not be overlooked nor neglected! Your move needs to be well-executed so that all equipment arrives at the new destination in perfect condition, allowing your business to get back on track in no time. But keep one step ahead! You should install any new cabling in advance for IT and telephone installations in your new office to be off to a good start.

Avoid any unexpected system malfunctions!

Things won’t get off to a positive start if employees turn up to a brand-new office to find their computers and phones aren’t working, so make sure you plan the move as early as possible to avoid any delays! Without fully operational IT and Telecoms systems, your office may miss out on important business phone calls, so a prepared, coordinated turnaround will ensure there is minimal disruption.

First steps


Anxious after having scheduled a date for your office move? No worries… Create for yourself a timetable of deadlines! And don’t forget to include:

  • any critical business commitments
  • dates of site surveys
  • cancelling your current lease or rental agreements


You may also make a list of all your IT and Telecoms equipment before moving so that you can check it is all present and correct on arrival at the new office. While you are inspecting, take note of of the following:

  • personal computers
  • servers
  • telecoms equipment
  • printers
  • fax machines
  • specialised software


Time to upgrade your current technology equipment?


You may see your office relocation as an opportunity to review your existing IT and Telecom systems and consider whether they will fit with your new office. In that regard, NT Voice and Data can offer a free review of your IT and Telecom systems, so seize this opportunity to upgrade your current equipment for a fresh and productive start! If you would like to schedule an appointment for a review, call 01623687750 or send us an email at


Business phone number


You need to make sure you could keep your business phone number. If you are still using traditional BT lines, your number will be tied to your local exchange and you will need to consider alternative technologies if you are moving to a location on a different exchange. If you decide to change your number, make sure that you supplied the right phone number to your clients before moving. You don’t want to be out of reach! If it is imperative to retain your existing number, you could consider VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to make everything easier. It is a phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of traditional BT lines, allowing you to keep your phone number in any situation and with lower telecommunication rates. At NT Voice and Data, we’ve pioneered very cost effective ways to allow gradual adoption of VOIP that minimises investment whilst ensuring you gain all the benefits of this technology.


Scale of the job


Granted, an office move can never be a bed of roses and requires a lot of hard work and planning ; it can be a daunting task! This is where a lot of small technical details can be set aside and forgotten leading to bigger problems. That is why we strongly recommend that you prepare the property for the move, and don’t forget to make sure that:

  • there are enough plugs
  • all cabling has been installed
  • you have planned where you are going to position equipment such as printers and scanners


Our team of skilled engineers offer telephone system installations to ensure it’s business as usual on your first day back at work after the move. Simply get in touch with our friendly team today for further information about any of the services we provide.


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