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Avaya IP Office Business Telephone System

Avaya IP OfficeFor small and medium sized organisations, the Avaya IP Office business telephone system offers a simple yet powerful solution for all your communications needs. The IP Office combines the simplicity and reliability of traditional phone systems with all the flexibility and benefits of IP telephony, allowing your business to reduce its costs, increase its productivity, and improve the service that it offers its customer.

TMC awardThe IP Office is suitable for:

  • Small and medium sized businesses.
  • From 5 – 2,500 users.
  • Start up businesses or more established businesses.
  • Businesses with a single office or with multiple office locations – up to 150 sites.

The IP Office has three editions to meet all budgets, small and large. It was awarded Frost & Sullivan European Product of the Year, 2011 and the TMC Labs 2013 Innovation Award for significant creativity and originality.

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Using the IP Office customer call reporter

Allow your team to excel

Avaya's fully featured IP Office business telephone system gives your organisation new ways of working, allowing you to give individual team members all of the capabilities they need to shine in their role.  Supporting all users within your organisation from your customer service and management team through to your network of sales personnel and even homeworkers, IP Office adapts to meet your user requirements, bringing together your Company and allowing you to boost sales whilst driving down your operating expenses.

At a glance:

  • Communications that are simple to customise to suit employees’ roles.
  • Easy to manage, from any location.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook and with other office applications.
  • A coice of analog, digital or IP phones - which can be mixed.
  • Works with IP/digital/analog/SIP/wireless technologies - allowing you to use any device you want.
  • Resilient and reliable, to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Instant huge savings thanks to reduced conferencing and call costs.
  • Built in 128 party conference bridge, voice messaging, auto attendant and unified messaging.
  • Can be expanded up to 1,000 users across 32 sites, with add-on applications as you need them.
  • Helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

One X IP Office
Using Avaya One-X Portal for IP Office

Avaya IP Office User“IP Office is so easy to use”

In a fast paced business environment, time is money and the very last thing you need is to waste hours reading through a manual just to make one simple change to your phone system. That’s why Avaya's IP Office keeps things simple.  From tiny changes such as adding a new member to your team, through to more extensive changes such as adding an entire new branch, you’ll find the IP Office business phone system easy and quick to work with.

With the IP Office, you can manage your phone system securely from anywhere that suits you – even from home. If your business has more than one site, you can manage all of your offices from a single location, saving on travel costs and time, and reducing the number of staff needed to manage the system. You can integrate the system easily with a wide range of existing popular applications that include Microsoft Outlook and it’s easy to add or move phones or other devices when you need to – just plug them in and turn them on! The IP Office reads  the IP address of the device instantly so even if you need to move it from your home to the office, there’s no need for more administration. Additionally, you can choose from smart ‘typical users‘ or quickly set up your own custom features to meet the exact needs of your team.

Interested? Get in touch with the team at NT to discuss whether the IP Office would be right for your business - call us on 01623 687750 or email sales@nottel.co.uk. Or read on to find out more about the different IP Office editions, user support, flexibility and cost control.

Avaya IP Office Editions

Avaya’s flexible IP Office phone system comes in three different editions to meet every company’s needs. Moving to the next edition is quick and easy, so smaller businesses can be confident that these telephone systems will grow with them.

IP Office Essential Edition: good basic communications

The IP Office Essential Edition offers the perfect small business starter  kit, providing your business with all the “must  haves” (hold, conference,  transfer, call routing, voice mail and Caller ID) and offering a great selection of Avaya phones.  This option enables small businesses to keep their costs down whilst getting the professional call handling capabilities they need to deliver excellent support.

IP Office Preferred Edition: responsive and professional

Offering your business ten times more voice messaging capacity than the Essential Edition, as well as the ability to handle up to 40 calls at the same time, the IP Office Preferred Edition delivers a great set of features.  The choice for businesses looking to utilise communications in order to operate  more effectively and efficiently.

Other great features include:

  • Broadcast out a single voice mail to your whole  company,  single  department or team
  • Have the system  “find you” and let you know when new messages arrive.
  • ‘Meet me’ secure conferencing, allowing all users to host their own password-protected  conference calls
  • Intelligent call routing allowing you to effectively handle  calls any time of the day or night.
  • Recognition of your best  customers and a personal greeting
  • Call forwarding to virtually anywhere with flexible options by extension, times  of day and incoming  numbers or area codes.
  • Automated service prompts giving callers waiting time, promotions  or other communications to add value to their overall experience.
  • Call recording allowing you to closely monitor your business operations, reduce legal risks and potentially  meet industry-compliance criteria.

IP Office Advanced Edition: for companies that need to be the best.

The IP Office Advanced Edition is there to help businesses who need to deliver exceptional levels of customer service both to new and repeat customers.

As well as the features of earlier editions, the Advanced Edition provides:

  • Automated 24/7 self service:  Giving your callers everything they need automatically, allowing service around the clock, from directions and opening hours to the status of their order.
  • Seamless retrieval of recorded calls: Find calls by date, time, parties, length or extension and replay – helping you identify problem areas and provide your staff with feedback and training.

As well as these exciting features, the Advanced Edition provides optimal real-time customer service management:

  • Alerts as to service thresholds being exceeded, enabling you to make fast changes to optimise call handling and maintain customer service levels
  • See a report of all calls in progress vs. historical reports
  • Get real time information on representatives and take action as needed

What our customers say:

Call recording is an invaluable tool allows me to search for calls taken by individual team members, and listen in, even when I’m not in the office.  This allows me to provide them with detailed individual feedback and training.  Our system call recording is now an integral part of our quality assurance program and has helped us really drive forward standards of customer service excellence over the last year.

Martin Carline
All Answers Ltd

How IP Office supports different users in your company

So that you can provide exactly what each of your employees need, Avaya’s IP office has typical ‘user solutions’ providing powerful features to support individual roles.  These are easily deployed – or you can create your own to meet your company’s exact needs.

worker-5Office worker solution

With IP Office, employees with a PC have all the tools they need to enable them to communicate effectively and work more efficiently.  The office worker solution allows them to control all communications from the screen of their PC, access visual voicemail, as well as use IM and presence capabilities to quickly reach co-workers.

IP Office’s powerful features offer a cost effective and efficient way to streamline your operation.

worker-2Customer service representative

Each of your representatives needs the right tools to do their job to a high standard.  The Customer Service Agent solution gives them just that, offering a browser-based client that allows representatives to receive real time information, including calls on hold, calls lost, and other representatives available.

Just one of the benefits of this is that your employee can adjust the amount of time they spend with each caller to the call volumes they are currently experiencing, helping to deliver a better customer experience and consequently, increased revenue.

worker-6Customer service supervisor

The biggest and best companies are constantly measuring and monitoring their performance and making necessary adjustments – the process of continual improvement.  IP Office’s Customer Service Supervisor Solution gives companies of all sizes the ability to compete at the same level.  From monitoring your representatives’ abilities to handle sales and service calls, through to assessing the value of your latest marketing campaign, you’ll have all the reports you need to deliver the best possible sales and service experience.


Your receptionist is often the first person callers speak to on contacting your business.  As the ‘voice of your company’, it goes without saying that their response needs to be professional, fast and personal.

IP Office’s Receptionist Solution gives receptionists a host of features to make the best possible impression, from streamline call handling with easy point-and- click call controls to caller identification to help route queries quickly and efficiently.  This powerful solution allows your receptionist to cover multiple offices and monitor all office extensions at once.

worker-1Mobile worker solution

IP Office’s mobile worker solution truly increases employee productivity. Turning your employee’s mobile phone into an extension of the business telephone system allows them to provide support to your customers from any location, through your main line number.

All of the call handling features, speed dials and other capabilities are available to them, enabling them to work on the go, wherever they are.

worker-3Power user solution

Wherever your employee is in the World, they can run your office from a laptop, IP phone or mobile phone.  They can set up your business calls to ring on all of their devices, receive automatic notification of voicemails and emails in one place, set up conference calls and a lot more.  This enables your employees to deliver a complete service no matter where they are based.  It also enable you to provide all the functionality of an advanced system to a site that otherwise wouldn’t justify the cost as a standalone.


Homeworkers are good for your business because they save you money in having to provide an office space, and studies suggest they are happier and more productive.  But how can you integrate them with the rest of your workforce?

When it comes to supporting homeworkers, IP Office is really in its element.   Its Teleworker Solution turns any home office into a remote extension of your main office.  Employees are seamlessly integrated, having the same phone and other system functionality that they’d enjoy if they were on site. Read more about how Avaya IP Office supports homeworkers.

IP Office flexibility and cost control


One of the best features of the IP Office business phone system is its flexibility. It’s what won the system ‘European Product of the Year 2011′ from Frost & Sullivan who noted that the system “removes the complexity of choosing  the right communications solution for a businesses’ particular needs”.

IP Office simplifies your use of wired, wireless and Internet communications by bringing them together.  You can choose how your employees manage business communications to suit their needs – whether this is on a mobile phone, home phone or laptop.  So, for example, you can turn a mobile phone or home line into an office extension, enabling workers to operate remotely or even join in on large conference calls.

IP Office’s incredible flexibility allows new ways of working, allowing you to provide individual team members with exactly the capabilities they need to support their role.  From your network of sales personnel through to your homeworkers, IP Office adapts to your requirements, bringing together your Company and allowing you to grow sales while lowering your operating expenses.

Cost control

IP Office has a range of powerful features that help you control your business costs.  These include:

  • Manage and administer remotely: This reduces the need for businesses with multiple locations to have an administrator at each site.
  • Route calls quickly and accurately: This enables you to handle more calls with fewer people.
  • Use homeworkers with seamless call handling and communications capabilities:This allows you to increase your staff without needing an actual office for them to work from.
  • Route calls mobile and long distance calls through the system and over broadband:This allows you to better manage mobile phone and long distance charges.
  • Use high definition video: For collaboration across your business while reducing the need to travel.

Case study: Harlow Bros

Find out how the Avaya IP Office's powerful features is helping Harlow Bros to run their business smoothly, increase their productivity and reduce their telephony costs. Click here to view the case study.

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